Andrew Shattuck McBride ~ Writer

Publishing Credits:

I have poems published or forthcoming (2009 – 2012) in Platte Valley Review, Caesura, Magnapoets, American Society: What Poets See (a FutureCycle Press anthology), Mu: An International Haiku Journal, bottle rockets, Dreams Wander On [an anthology edited by Robert Epstein], Generations of Poetry, Haibun Today, Prune Juice: A Journal of Senryu and Kyoka, A Hundred Gourds, Shamrock Haiku Journal [Dublin, Ireland!], The Bellingham Herald, The Temple Bell Stops (another anthology being edited by Robert Epstein), and finally – Clover, A Literary Rag.

In January 2012, I received my first short story acceptance. Tribal Warfare appeared in WhatcomWrites! in February 2012.

Some details:

My poem “Grace” has been selected as a merit award winner in the 2012 Sue C. Boynton Poetry Contest.

My poem “Desire (Padden Creek Winter)” was chosen runner-up in the 2011 contest conducted by Clover, A Literary Rag, edited by Mary Gillilan.

“What We Love Consumes Us” (a tribute poem to my Dad, Likeke R. McBride) is forthcoming in Platte Valley Review.

3 short poems (including my first tanka to be published!) in bottle rockets #25 (August 2011), edited by Stanford Forrester.

4 of my short poems were under consideration for The Heron’s Nest, a fine haiku journal, but not selected. Close!

4 short poems forthcoming in The Temple Bell Stops (2012), an anthology of loss, grief, and change poems edited by Robert Epstein.

Prose poem “The Still, Gray Heron Sea” and two haiku in Clover, A Literary Rag.

Prose poems “love, fire, and other essentials” and “Blue Mussels” published in The Bellingham Herald in 2011.

3 haiku published in Dreams Wander On: Contemporary Poems of Death Awareness (2011), an anthology of death awareness poems edited by Robert Epstein.

haiku in bottle rockets #23 (August 2010), edited by  Stanford Forrester.

I read three of my prose poems – “Boulevard Park”, “Astonishment”, and “Polar Bear – Elegy in December” at “The Poet as Art” event on June 25, 2010. Opening act to award- winning poets Lana Hechtman Ayers (What Big Teeth) and Paul Fisher (Rumors of Shore).

Prose poem “Boulevard Park” reprinted in The Poetry Walk: Sue C. Boynton Poetry Contest, The First Five Years (2010), edited by Nancy Canyon and Anita K. Boyle.

Prose poem “Boulevard Park” – a merit award winner – published in the 4th Annual Sue C. Boynton Poetry Contest Chapbook of Winning Poems (2009).

Foreword for revised edition of Likeke R. McBride’s The Kahuna: Versatile Masters of Old Hawai’i (2000).

Projects and Work-in-Progress:

Two collections of essays, tentatively titled In My Father’s Kitchen and Reading Family.

A collection of linked short stories. “Things Go South II” (a temporary post here in “Samples”) is a short story from this planned collection.

A creative non-fiction book about Hawai’i.

A historical novel set in Hawai’i.

A poetry chapbook. Working title: Finding Home.

A poetry collection. Working title: Grief as Singing the Cobalt Blues: Leave-Taking Poems.

A book of inspirational quotes and meditations. My quote a day feature “The Quotidian” is my daily practice in providing quotations and thoughts about those quotations. The quotations I use are effectively auditioning for inclusion in the book.

2 Responses to Andrew Shattuck McBride ~ Writer

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  2. Kathy Demski says:

    We purchased property in Volcano Village and the deed indicated that the property was onced owned by McBride (just under 2 a). It is a beautiful parcel with the old building out front and a new dwelling was built to the rear in 2004; by any chance was your fathers property located on Kilauea Rd. in the Village? Our neighbor said that there is quite a history with this parcel, as it supposedly is the back side of the Thurston lava tube. Do you have any good talk story memories?
    Mahalo Nui’.

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