I am a writer and editor based in Bellingham, Washington. I work in a variety of genres including creative non-fiction, essays, short stories, novels, and poems.

I am planning on blogging mostly about books, authors and poets, and the literary life. Additionally, I hope to conduct author interviews occasionally. I am very lucky to live in a literate community and within walking distance of Village Books, an independent bookstore which sponsors over 200 literary-related events – including readings by authors – per year.

My blog also addresses transformation and positive change on a personal, societal, and global scale. Transformation is something which interests me greatly.

One of my topics will be Likeke R. McBride (my Dad) and his work. Three of his books – including Petroglyphs of Hawaii – are still in print. I am hoping to establish The Likeke R. McBride Memorial Foundation in 2013. May 19, 2013 will be the 87th anniversary of his birth.

I will also add posts about petroglyphs and other rock images from Hawaii, the United States mainland, and around the world.

From time to time I’ll add posts about current events.

Occasionally I may add a post about friends or my cats (including my muse Bigglesworth).

I want to contribute further to our regional, national, and global conversation and do my part to keep it positive, inclusive, and transformational.

Finally, a word about comments: I will encourage comments – even by those who disagree with me on a posting I write. I ask that your comments be positive, constructive, and contribute to the discussion at hand. I do and will moderate comments. I will automatically delete any racist, hate-filled, discriminatory, or extremely negative comments. Let’s keep our discussions positive and forward thinking.

Thank you for reading my blog. Blessings, Andy

(AKA Andrew Shattuck McBride)

Note: I use my full name because I was bemused to find that I wasn’t the only Andrew S. McBride writing! Add attorneys and others, too. I hope to set myself apart in using Shattuck, my Dad’s mother’s maiden name. Blessings to the memory of Iva Pearl Shattuck McBride.

A few notes for this blog:

Andrew Shattuck McBride ~ Writer – my writing (publishing credits and projects).

Andrew Shattuck McBride ~ Editor – my editing.

Samples ~ samples of my writing.

8 Responses to About

  1. Shannon Laws says:

    Enjoyed your blog this morning Andy! You have a wonderful range of interests!
    Was great to share TWO $8 Mojitos with you last night, after Writers Open Mic.
    -keep up the great work

    • Hi Shannon, thank you very much for your kind comments.

      Did you read my “Transformation 101” post?

      I enjoyed the $8 Mojitos too and our conversation with Kathy. I’d better get that elusive book contract, if I’m to drink any more Mojitos! The price of each drink did startle me!

      I will look forward to hearing you read your material soon.

      Press on with your writing! Blessings, Andy

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  3. tsena says:

    oh wow… I have been interacting with folks around the globe on WP. Yet, after finding your blog through another napowrimo post, I finally explored it in more detail only to find that we are in the same ‘hood! Hello fellow ‘Hamster!

  4. Hi Andrew, Just wanted you to know that I’m passing on a “Tell Me About Yourself” award that I just received from another blogger. It’s to show my appreciation for the content you’re sharing on your site. Thanks!
    Jilanne http://jilannehoffmann.com/

  5. Wow, Jilanne – thank you so much!

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