On this page I will post some samples of my written work, including poems, essays, and excerpts of short stories and novels.

For samples of my writing, please cursor over to the right menu column for “Andy’s Categories” and click on “Samples.” There are examples of my poetry (both serious and funny), short stories, and essays.

“Things Go South II” is a temporary post. I’m planning on removing it at some point!

Thank you for your interest in my writing.

2 Responses to Samples

  1. Robert Flor says:

    Andy, Great meeting you at the Chuckanut Writers Conference and wonderful job hosting the reading that Catalina and I were in. I hope we’re able to get up to Bellingham again since I’d like to see a few family and friends. If we do, I’ll give you a call and maybe we can get together for lunch or something. My e-mail is:

  2. Bob, yes-it was great meeting you and Catalina at CWC. I enjoyed your poems and Catalina’s YA excerpt. Thank you very much. It was great being emcee for one of the open mics! I’d enjoy having lunch with you and Catalina when you visit Bellingham again. Sincerely, and best wishes, Andy

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