My Father’s Kitchen

I was 6 (going on 7) years old when my Mom and Dad divorced. Dad gained custody of me, so I grew up in his house.

He did nearly all of the cooking until the younger of my two sisters left our household when I was 10. Then it was the two of us. Dad did all of the cooking.

Money was scarce, but he always made sure that I had enough to eat.

Dad could make nearly any kind of food – and did. He also became a gourmet cook, and could – and would – prepare a fabulous meal for special occasions or guests.

He had many specialties: pizza from scratch, spaghetti from scratch, chili con carne, nishime (Japanese stir fry dish with knots of seaweed), saimin (Japanese style noodle soup), curry over rice with condiments, Venezuelan steak (a thin steak in a light batter), paladas (like a bean enchilada), kim chee (Korean hot pickled cabbage), domathes, mousaka, Arabian style green beans, Portuguese bean soup, and so on. He made a fabulous coffee cake.

My mouth is watering from just thinking about the foods he prepared.

Man, could he cook!

On this page, I will share memories of being in my father’s kitchen.

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