PaPoWriMo ~ 2012

You’ve heard of National Poetry Writing Month (NaPoWriMo), right?

Well, Jennifer Bullis, Tsena Paulson, and I have started Patchwork Poetry Writing Month (PaPoWriMo), and it’s loosely based on NaPoWriMo.

NaPoWriMo this past April was exhilarating for me. I wrote 30 poems and found rich new veins of subject matter/writing material. Jennifer and I talked about having a second round of poem writing.

Our goals include ramping up our productivity and improving the quality of our poems.

Due to scheduling and other commitments, we don’t have 28 to 31 straight days (from today, September 24, 2012) to write a poem a day. We do have 28 to 31 days through the end of October, though!

So, starting today we’ll be writing a poem a day as our schedules allow. We’ll be sharing poems via email and posting some poems on our respective blogs.

Today is “Day One Poem.” Yaayyy!

Please stay tuned.

Blessings to all, Andy

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