Petroglyphs and Rock Images

I intend to post entries about petroglyphs and rock images in Hawai’i and around the U.S. and the world. Additionally, I would like to post some photographs.

If you read my long poem “We are the Recorders” (a July 10, 2010 post here) you’ll have a very good idea about how I view petroglyphs and rock images around the world: as irreplaceable communications across time. Read my poem here.

I believe that we must do everything we can to save and preserve remaining petroglyphs and rock images.

4 Responses to Petroglyphs and Rock Images

  1. J.R. Bergstrom says:

    My husband and son just returned from Arizona and Utah. They hiked in many canyons and saw many pictographs and petroglyphs. The photos they took are amazing. I agree with you, these treasures must be preserved.
    J.R. Bergstrom

  2. Karen Lynn says:

    Hi Andrew,
    Please to meet you. I was going through Google and I saw that you might have come to my website at one point. It is whispersofhope. I am a woman with Cerebral Palsy who not only became a writer, but a fitness instructor, advocate, and a public speaker. Since there are a lot of Karen Lynn’s out there, and a lot of Whispers of Hope I though I would write.

    Enclosed is my latest entry….

    I would love to stay connected,
    With Kindness,
    Karen Lynn-Chlup

    • Hi Karen, I’m pleased to meet you too.
      Thank your for your email and link.
      “Whispers of Hope” is a marvelous phrase. A friend of mine here has a blog with the same title.
      Thank you for your example, and I wish you healing and joy.
      Sincerely, Andy

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