What Padden Creek Means to Me

A place where I examine
my place in the world,

the lessons of water,

the promise of return,
and broken promises

the ebb and flow of ideas
of progress, industrialization
and deindustrialization


a Depression-era bridge
finished in 1932

a wildlife corridor

the imperatives of life
the imperative of feather, fur, scale

a Caretaker’s house
and the imperative of taking care

the imperative of shepherding
for all, including all creatures
and all nations

the blending of cycles:
fresh water and salt, iron and blood

a dead raccoon, how dogs
insist on nosing the ruin

a place of solace and peace,
often a place of semi-quiet

a place I go to lessen
occasional depression,
setbacks, feelings of defeat

nature enduring
despite inexplicable litter,
clots of tan foam in the water

my green, treed, watery muse


Andrew Shattuck McBride
NaPoWriMo 2014 ~ Day 6

About Andrew Shattuck McBride

I am a writer, editor, writing coach, and consultant. I work in a variety of genres, including poetry, short stories, and creative non-fiction. I also have a couple of novels simmering on back burners. THANK YOU to Nan Macy of Village Books for taking this photo (June 2011).
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2 Responses to What Padden Creek Means to Me

  1. These creekside walks are bringing you wonderful poems, Andy! I’m really enjoying your “water” theme this week.

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