Blog Hop 2013: “The Next Big Thing”

First of all, I would like to thank Stephanie Renée dos Santos for inviting me to participate in this Blog Hop, “The Next Big Thing” and for tagging me!

Please follow Stephanie’s blog here!

I was so delighted to meet Stephanie at the 2011 Chuckanut Writers Conference here in
Whatcom County, Washington State. She told me about the historical novel she was
working on, Cut from the Earth, and I was intrigued immediately. I love historical novels.

Read Stephanie’s wonderful blogpost about her novel for “The Next Big Thing” here.

Thank you Stephanie!

So, here are my responses to set of questions for “The Next Big Thing”:

1. What is the title of your book? Is it a working title? Reclaiming Air: Poems is the title of my poetry chapbook manuscript. I’m happy with this title, but will remain open to suggestions from editors.

2. Where did the idea for your book come from? I have been writing poems about birds and poems about my family which seem to be meditations on flight, and this chapbook manuscript started coming together.

3. Who and/or what inspired you to write your book? My Dad, Likeke McBride (who died in 1993),  and Mom, Sally McBride (who died in 2009), encouraged me to write. Mom read some of my first poems in early 2009 and encouraged me to write more.

4. How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript? I wrote the bulk of the poems in Reclaiming Air: Poems in 2012.

5. What genre does your book fall under? Poetry.

6.  What books would you compare yours to in your chosen genre? Wow, I’m not sure. I’m inspired by the nature poems of Mary Oliver. I have so many favorite poets. It’s difficult for me to compare Reclaiming Air: Poems at this point. I am writing poems from my experiences and my observations; I am hoping that these poems will resonate with readers.

7. What is a one-sentence synopsis of your book? My chapbook contains poems about birds, family, and flight.

8. Do you have a publisher, or will you self-publish your book or seek representation? I am seeking a publisher.

9. What actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie or to read your work for a recording? Oh, wow — great question! I would be delighted to read my poems for an audio book. However, I’d love to have someone (another person!) with a great voice and great delivery record these poems!

10. What else about your book might pique readers’ interest? My poems are accessible, are concerned with birds, family relationships, and flight. Additionally, they
are honest.


I am very honored to “introduce” the following writers and bloggers:

The poet Jennifer Bullis will post on January 28, 2013~

Jennifer Bullis lives and writes in Bellingham, Washington. Her book Impossible Lessons: Poems is forthcoming from MoonPath Press in April 2013. Currently, she is circulating a new manuscript of persona poems and trying her hand at a lyric prose essay about adoption. She blogs about mythology and hiking at

Thank you Jennifer!


The historical novelist and educator Janet Oakley will post on January 29, 2013~

(details forthcoming)

Thank you Janet!


The writer, editor, and writers’ groups leader Mary Elizabeth Gillilan will post on February 5, 2013~

Mary Elizabeth Gillilan loves her job as editor in chief of Clover, A Literary Rag. Along with her work at Clover, she leads writers’ groups at the Independent Writers’ Studio. Breath and Shadow recently published a short story of Mary’s. Her love for poetry permeates whatever else goes on. She writes each day.

Thank you Mary!


The poet and editor Vuong Quoc Vu will post in February.

(details to follow)

Thank you Vuong!


Thank you very much to everyone for reading my post. Blessings to all, and press on with your writing and your blogging!

Sincerely, Andrew

About Andrew Shattuck McBride

I am a writer, editor, writing coach, and consultant. I work in a variety of genres, including poetry, short stories, and creative non-fiction. I also have a couple of novels simmering on back burners. THANK YOU to Nan Macy of Village Books for taking this photo (June 2011).
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6 Responses to Blog Hop 2013: “The Next Big Thing”

  1. Wonderful, Andy! It’s great to hear your thoughts about your manuscript.

    One tip? When it’s time to record your audiobook, YOU should read your poems. Just sayin’.

    Thank you for tagging me and for including my bio here. And I’m looking forward to finding out more about Janet Oakley’s and Mary Gillilan’s writing projects when they post!

    • Jennifer!

      Thank you very much. OK, and I’ll plan on reading my poems for the audiobook!

      You are most welcome. I’m looking forward to reading your post and learning more about your writing projects.

      Good news: Vuong Quoc Vu will post in February!

      I am thrilled to “introduce” you, Janet, Mary, and Vuong. You are all exceptional talents!

      Blessings to you and your family, Andy

  2. Andrew,

    Thank you for your kind words. I really like the working title of your chapbook, really like it. And I can’t wait to read it! I think Jennifer’s suggestion of you reading for audio book is interesting and should be considered when the time comes.

    Well, I am looking forward to meeting with you and other writers this summer in Fairhaven/Bellingham haunts, at open mics, and for spontaneous readings in the wondrous PNW.

    Many Blessings,

    Stephanie Renée dos Santos

    • Dear Stephanie,

      You are most welcome–all true. I remember our conversation back then, and how excellent your project sounded.

      Thank you, too. Ah, yes–I’ll read for my audiobook.

      It’s great to hear that you’ll be here this summer. Excellent! Will you be attending the Chuckanut Writers Conference?

      All the best to you and yours, Andy

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