Cobalt Blue Harvest

Under consideration…. asm

Will restore after it is published.

Andrew Shattuck McBride
April 29, 2012

About Andrew Shattuck McBride

I am a writer, editor, writing coach, and consultant. I work in a variety of genres, including poetry, short stories, and creative non-fiction. I also have a couple of novels simmering on back burners. THANK YOU to Nan Macy of Village Books for taking this photo (June 2011).
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5 Responses to Cobalt Blue Harvest

  1. HOLY SH**, Andrew. My hair is standing on end, and I am cheering as you smash up that glass. What a triumph and farewell and f-you and sacred ceremony in The Church of Moving On.

    I apologize for cussing on your blog. But this poem is so damn triumphant. The sounds here are magnificently angry–“broken glass grinding / on broken glass”–and the mouths & shards are fittingly dangerous. The lines “I know you’re dead. _Now can I have / your attention?_” are show-stopping. The final stanza that follows shows a heart smashed open and emptied out like an egg.

    The concluding piece for your chapbook, yes?

    If you ever decide you want to enact this ceremony for real, I volunteer to tag along as camera crew or solemn witness. Or to cap the ritual with a drink or five. Or just toast this poem with same.

    • Jennifer, I loved reading your comment. It is validating. It aids and deepens the triumph of my poem. THANK YOU!!
      Oh, no – I’m NOT un-approving your comment. The cussing is OK; besides, you have deployed some strategically-placed asterisks!
      My favorite stanza is the last one. It could be the concluding piece!
      I am moved by your offer. Warning: we’d have to figure out the logistics, and there’s a long hike involved! Thank you very much!
      Jennifer, thank you for this comment and for all of your thoughtful, perceptive comments.
      Sincerely, Andy

  2. Stephanie, thank you for your comment!

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