The Quotidian, October 8, 2010 ~ Children

“Children are a wonderful gift. They have an extraordinary capacity to see into the heart of things and to expose sham and humbug for what they are.” ~ Archbishop Desmond Tutu (born October 7, 1931)

Desmond Tutu is South African and an Anglican Archbishop.  Archbishop Desmond Tutu led the resistance to apartheid in South Africa and has been a key figure in calling for reconciliation in his country. Additionally, he has been a major figure calling for justice around the world. Tutu is a Nobel Peace Laureate.

[Sources: Quotation from, accessed October 7, 2010. Date and biographical information partially from, partially from personal knowledge. An additional source of information was the White House website].

Yesterday Archbishop Desmond Tutu celebrated his birthday and retired from public life. In an official statement, U.S. President Barack H. Obama called Tutu a “moral titan.” Indeed.

Link to President Obama’s statement:

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2 Responses to The Quotidian, October 8, 2010 ~ Children

  1. Andy,

    Children are a wonderful gift — when they’re not driving you crazy…

    Write on!

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