The Quotidian, September 9, 2010 ~ Courage

“Courage – with your writing.” ~ Terry Tempest Williams (born September 8, 1955)

I believe Williams’ statement translates well to “Courage with whatever you do” – be it teaching, activism, speaking out, organizing, or anything you do to make a difference.

Terry Tempest Williams is an American writer, poet, educator, public speaker, and activist.

I had the high honor of meeting Terry Tempest Williams on January 26, 2009, when she spoke in Bellingham, Washington for her new book Finding Beauty in a Broken World (2008).

Williams is an extraordinary speaker and writer, and she is exceptionally courageous. Refuge: An Unnatural History of Family and Place (1991) is a memoir of her family history of breast cancer tied to the atomic bomb tests in Utah and Nevada. It is a fierce, beautiful book and it has my highest recommendation.  She is also a prominent anti-nuclear weapons and anti-nuclear testing activist.

Williams is an extraordinarily generous, kind person. After her reading, the line for her book signing was very long. She spoke at length with each person. She hugged many of her admirers.

Our chat was delightful. We talked about her book. Williams asked me about what I did, and I told her that I was working on a novel.  This led her to write in my copy of her fine book:

“For you Andy

Mosaic – the beauty we create together.

Courage – with your writing.

Blessings – Terry Tempest Williams

26 Jan 09.”

To Terry: a belated Happy Birthday and blessings to you and yours, Andy

About Andrew Shattuck McBride

I am a writer, editor, writing coach, and consultant. I work in a variety of genres, including poetry, short stories, and creative non-fiction. I also have a couple of novels simmering on back burners. THANK YOU to Nan Macy of Village Books for taking this photo (June 2011).
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2 Responses to The Quotidian, September 9, 2010 ~ Courage

  1. Terry Tempest Williams sounds like a beautiful person. Thanks for sharing!
    Write on!

  2. Hi Carolyn,

    Yes, Williams is a beautifu, kind person and one of our finest writers.

    Write on, Carolyn! Blessings, Andy

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